Dienstag, 12. Dezember 2017

Bruinen: Zielgerade/Homestretch

Ich bin ja so glücklich, dass ich auf beim Bruinen-Tuch auf der Zielgeraden bin. Versteht mich nicht falsch, ich finde das Tuch toll, das Garn gefällt mir auch (zumindest die Farbe ;) ), ich mag das Muster, aber das ist eins der Projekte, die man lieber heute als morgen fertig hat. Die Bobbels sind in Deutschland ja gerade unglaublich beliebt, aber man muss immer tierisch aufpassen, dass man alle Fäden beim Häkeln erwischt und dass man keine Masche auslässt, weil man das nicht immer gleich merkt. Also, Mama, das Tuch gefällt dir hoffentlich! ;)

So happy, that I'm on the homestretch with the Bruinen shawl. Don't get me wrong, I really love how it turns out, I like the yarn (at least the color ), I love the pattern, but this is one of the projects I'd love to finish NOW. Those gradient yarn cakes with the single strands are crazy popular in Germany right now, but it's not easy to work with them, but so easy to miss one strand, while stitching away, or miss a stitch, as the yarn is so fluffy. Mom, you better love this shawl! ;)

Montag, 11. Dezember 2017

Crochet Between Worlds Advent Meditation - Part 2

Part 2 of the Crochet Between Worlds Advent Meditation was published on Saturday and I really enjoy these 30 minutes of crochet on Saturday morning. The second coaster was a round one and I used the same colors, just in a different order. If you like to try your hand on this ,,different" crochet experience you can download part 2 here. Enjoy!

Sonntag, 10. Dezember 2017

Sonntagmorgen/Sunday Morning

Ich genieße meine Häkelzeit am Sonntagmorgen. Eine Tasse Kaffee und das Tuch für meine Mama fertigmachen. :) Einen schönen 2. Advent wünsche ich euch.

I enjoy my rochet time on Sunday morning! A cup of coffee and finishing the shawl for my Mom. :) A happy 2nd of Advent to you.

Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2017

Crochet Between Worlds Advent Meditation - Part 1 Take 2

Nur noch zweimal schlafen bis zur nächsten Crochet Between Worlds Advent Meditation. Ich konnte nicht widerstehen und habe nach dem ersten Podcast noch einen Untersetzer gehäkelt.

Two more sleeps until part 2 of the Crochet Between Worlds Advent Meditation. I couldn't resist and made a second coaster from the first podcast.

Mittwoch, 6. Dezember 2017

The Plane Trip Scarf: A pattern test for Zooty Owl

I had the honor to test Zooty Owl's new pattern - The Plane Trip Scarf. I used one of the new Stylecraft Batik Swirl Cakes (Purple Mist) and the colors don't show very well in this grey German winter weather. They are several shades of light and dark grey and a really nice shade of purple, all with that "batik" touch. I would have loved to go out to the park or the historic city center and take some nice photos of the shawl for you, but nope. Raining and snowing. I made the scarf a wee bit longer than in the pattern (170 cm/67") and also used the same yarn to make the border (one of three Options included in the pattern), so the cake will not be enough for a second scarf. I also didn't add flowers (three flower patterns are also part of the pattern), as the scarf is for a girl, who is into heavy metal/gothic music. So nothing too fancy. I hope you like my version of the scarf. Pattern can be found here: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/plane-trip-scarf

The pattern is very easy and relaxing to make, so it might be the perfect last minute gift. I finished mine in three days. There are lots of options for yarn, length, borders and embelishment, so you can personalize it and make your very own Plane Trip Scarf.

Dienstag, 5. Dezember 2017

Crochet Between Worlds Advent Meditation - Part 1

I joined the Crochet Between Worlds Advent Meditation and this is the outcome of part 1 - a coaster, the first of a set of 4! Not perfect, but it was a whole new experience not to follow a written pattern or a graph, but only liste to spoken words and crochet what is said.
So if you're curious, check out this link to download the mp3 and join us.

Montag, 4. Dezember 2017

Attic 24 Weekend Bag!

Meine Nichte hat bald Geburtstag und ich habe eine Tasche für sie gehäkelt. Ich habe das Grundmuster der Attic 24 Weekend Bag verwendet und ein bißchen nach meinen Vorstellungen angepasst. Das Garn waren die Überbleibsel der Gorgeous Granny Bag, die ich vor einigen Monaten für mich selbst gehäkelt habe. Ich hoffe, die Tasche gefällt ihr.

My niece's birthday is at the end of December and I crocheted a bag for her. I basically used the pattern for the Attic 24 Weekend Bag and made some adjustments to it, concerning the handle, the closure and the flower embellishment. I used leftover yarn from my Gorgeous Granny Bag, which Im made for me some months ago. I hope she likes the bag.